Staying in touch with your cannabis community has never been easier

CannaSOS have recently launched their new app to help consumers stay in touch with medical marijuana information on the go.

The app aims to allow users to ask advice and seek answers from peers, medical professionals, activists and marijuana experts. Share your knowledge and experience with like-minded people. Share your publications, news, success stories, educational posts and other articles with the cannabis community and more.

Their following blog entry explains more:

Hello our mobile friends!

We understand the importance of being able to access CannaSOS on the go. Good news for all, as we have launched the CannaSOS app for Android and iOS will follow soon.

Our app grants an easy and fast access to all the features of CannaSOS network. We improved a lot to ensure that your user experience is flawless.

Through our app you can ask advice and seek answers from peers, medical professionals,...

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