South Africa faces dilemma over marijuana

JOHANNESBURG: To legalize or not to legalize marijuana is a question for South Africans.

Amid a heated debate on the issue, Head of the Cannabis Working Group, Andre du Plessis made headlines last week when lighting up dagga joint live on air while discussing the legalization of cannabis on a TV program run by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Du Plesssis demands that South Africa government consider the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes.

He told Xinhua that the decriminalization of smoking the herb would be positive as it would also reduce the number of people who were imprisoned for smoking the “blessed herb”.

“It’s a God-given plant. It should be treated thus. You should be able to buy it in the store like you buy your cucumbers,” he said.

Thousands of jobs would be created if marijuana is legalized, he added.

Use of cannabis has been illegal...

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