Grow Hack: 5 Facts About Dissolved Oxygen

After all the work you’ve done with lightingextractor fansnutrients, grow medium, watering and everything else you need to consider when growing good cannabis indoors, an invisible component of water might be the last thing you want to think about.

Scientists have proved plants need dissolved oxygen (DO) to survive, but how much do you as a cannabis grower need to worry about that? Unless you grow on a large scale, probably not too much; but check out some facts about DO and plant growth so you know enough to make sure it never comes between you and a fruitful harvest.


DO is measured in two different ways

The solubility of oxygen in water increases at colder temperatures, and decreases at higher temperatures. Salinity also influences oxygen solubility: oxygen is more soluble at lesser ppm’s of dissolved salts. Pure, reverse osmosis treated water will hold...

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