Stakeout ends marijuana cookie drive-thru business

An unemployed chef came up with a recipe to make some cash, baking marijuana-laced cookies and then using the Internet for promotion and his own version of the fast-food industry’s drive-thru window for distribution.

Sebastian P. Kujawa made a habit of leaving his Brinton Street house in North Buffalo with a fresh batch of cookies and crossing through Minnesota Linear Park, an old right of way, to the dead end of Nicholson Street and wait for customers to drive up and purchase their orders, Buffalo police said.

Neighbors watched these nocturnal transactions, a man leaping out of the bushes with a package in hand and darting up to cars that had just parked. It was an unnerving sight.

What the heck was going on?

So one of the neighbors called Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda and asked if he would arrange for a stakeout.

“Neighbors were very concerned about the activity,...

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