Selling Marijuana To Minors Hurts The Entire Industry And Reform Movement

Some undercover sting operations were conducted at Washington recreational marijuana stores recently, and some of the results were very disappointing. Whereas the stings in Colorado yielded no failures, Washington had four failures. That’s unacceptable. I always hate posting articles like this because I should be highlighting our victories, and not highlighting examples that will no doubt be used by marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet.

But, I feel it’s necessary to share so that readers can see it as a type of public service announcement. Never, ever, ever sell marijuana to a minor. There’s simply no excuse for that to ever happen at a regulated recreational marijuana store. Everyone should be carded every time, no matter what age the person appears to be. I would never be offended getting carded at a recreational marijuana store, and would actually turn over my license gladly in order to help ensure that no minor...

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