The Latest Warning About Pot Is One You've Never Heard Before... Until Now

The history of marijuana prohibition is filled with warnings. What kind of warnings are there about marijuana today? Well, it can still get you arrested in many places... but aside from that, true or false, what other popular warnings are circulating today?

One fairly simple and rather obvious way to find this out is to do a web search for “marijuana warning,” and look at a selected sample of the results.

The most prominent listing is for WebMD, which first lets us know that marijuana has other names, like "weed," but also some interesting ones such as  Esra, Gaga, Huo Ma Ren and Sawi. People use this drug recreationally, and it creates a “sense of well-being” and “alters the senses.” 

According to the website, marijuana also has many medical properties and should not be confused with hemp. There are side-effects, such as blood pressure problems, impaired mental functioning, dizziness and...

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