Medical marijuana in Costa Rica? The time has come, says La Nación

In a surprising Wednesday morning editorial, Costa Rica’s normally conservative Spanish-language daily La Nación advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The editorial, titled “Cannabis as Treatment,” notes that a large number of Costa Ricans – perhaps hundreds or thousands, it claims – use marijuana to treat a  range of health issues in this Central American country of 4.8 million, and that number is growing.

La Nación writes:

The illegality [of medical marijuana] not only impedes the collection of useful information; it has much more serious consequences. The main one being that most patients lack professional guidelines regarding recommended dosages and methods of consumption: Although there are doctors who, out of compassion, know of, tolerate and in some cases guide its use, they are legally prohibited from helping patients in a systematic manner.

La Nación joins a growing chorus of voices in this democratic country calling for the legalization of...

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