Medical Marijuana Conference in Palm Beach County Kicks Off Thursday

Even after the drive to get medical marijuana legalized in Florida fell short by two percentage points in voting, there still remains a strong backing by many Floridians for medicinal weed to be made legal. But while groups like United for Care are pushing to get medical marijuana back on the ballot in 2016, it's still very much illegal to possess it, grow it, and sell it — even while some still think there are exceptions. 

Yet that's not stopping medical marijuana advocates and experts from hitting up Palm Beach County this week to discuss medicinal cannabis and its many benefits.  

The ninth-annual Clinic Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is scheduled to begin Thursday and run through Saturday and will feature experts such as Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School; Professor of Chemistry Endowed Chair
Hebrew University Dr. Lionel Jacobsen; and Andrew Weil, founder, professor, and director of...

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