Allan Rock says medical marijuana business is wife's venture, not his

The president of the University of Ottawa says he is not involved in a medical marijuana operation that his wife and one of their children are setting up.

Allan Rock issued a statement Wednesday contradicting a published report that suggested he has a role in a company looking to call itself RockGarden Medicinals.

“I have no involvement with this application nor the proposed business venture that is being planned,” Rock said in a statement to the Citizen. “I am not a director, shareholder, officer, employee or advisor of the company they have incorporated to carry on their business should they be granted a licence. I do not attend meetings, provide counsel, or participate in any other way in the proposed venture.”

Rock said his wife, Deborah Hanscom, and one of the couple’s children is actively involved in setting up the business. Hanscom has listed the fledgling operation on her LinkedIn profile, where she identifies herself as...

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