If weed dispensaries used the Netflix business model

Weed-on-demand: Things are always great on demand. Humans have an insatiable appetite for efficiency. They want things, and they want them now. It's the reason Netflix has done so well. You want to watch a movie, great. In fact you can watch as many as you like - or as many as the ones we have on offer, for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. Ideal. 

In 2005 the music industry was busy talking about the idea of consuming media like water. Or to put it simply, paying for music like you would pay your gas or electricity bills. As if music or media was a household utility.

After years of businesses trying, testing and tailoring the idea into submission as a workable, profitable model. It is an interesting concept, it gave birth to many streaming services you enjoy today like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify. 

This concept got me wondering what...

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