Texas nearly legalizes marijuana

AUSTIN, Texas (Christian Examiner) -- Texas bills legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing possession of it passed state House committees earlier this month, but will not become law in the Lone Star State.

House Calendar Committee Chair Todd Hunter (R- Corpus Christi) reportedly refused to schedule the two bills before the deadline for action, The Daily Chronic reported.

The bill ending marijuana's prohibition passed the Criminal jurisprudence Committee 5 to 2, May 7. Another bill intended to lessen the penalties for carrying the drug passed 4 to 2 in the same committee May 5 after an initial rejection the week before.

Had the bill to reduce penalties passed the House, possession of up to one ounce of marijuana would no longer produce a criminal record, there would be no threat of arrest, and jail time would be replaced by a civil fine up to $250.

Additionally, the law to end prohibition would...

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