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St Croix: Nelson wants public input on marijuana laws

ST. CROIX - The office of Sen. Terrence Nelson is seeking input from the public on proposed medical marijuana legislation.

Nelson, who is sponsoring the legislation, said at a press conference Tuesday that he intends to call it the Medicinal Cannabis Patient Care Act.

"You are invited to have input. We are inviting inclusion here. You are not excluded from this process," he said.

The plan is for the office to have the draft legislation completed and submitted to the Legislature's legal counsel by the end of the month, he said. The legislature's legal counsel then has up to 45 days after that to complete the bill and get it back to the sponsor.

Then, it gets assigned to a committee and goes through the committee process.

V.I. voters in November passed a non-binding referendum saying that they wanted senators to consider medical marijuana legislation. Nelson and a group from...

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