Prepping To Launch A Recreational Marijuana Business: How To Do It Right

The critical components of establishing a successful cannabis business may seem obvious at first:
•  Research industry-specific best-practices in cultivation.
•  Secure adequate funding.
•  Plan facility construction or adaptation.
•  Build a quality management team.
•  Seek counsel from legal and accounting experts.
•  Launch a progressive marketing campaign.

Yet what can an emerging company do to separate itself from the pack? In laying the groundwork for legitimate cannabis enterprise in Alaska, the founders of Greatland Ganja, LLC, have selected tactics aimed at appealing to evolving local attitudes toward recreational marijuana. By choosing to connect and work collaboratively, we create a more robust network of allies and assets.

Three key maneuvers Greatland Ganja has used to enhance success during the pre-licensing phase include:
1. converting from medical marijuana to pre-license recreational preparation;
2.. becoming publicly involved in the process; and

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