A Mother and Daughter’s Fight to Legalize CBD in Brazil

CBD oil legal medicine in Brazil and government subsidised thanks to this family's fight

With the world being so exceptionally large, contingent on so many moving parts, one would think that we have little opportunity to make a major impact… but one mother down in Brazil, is proof that that this is simply not the case. If you have the will, the drive, and a fiercely beating heart, you can make a difference. In Katiele Fischer’s case, her will to make an impact not only altered the perception of her surrounding culture and country, but served as the catalyst for a ripple effect that will reach far beyond Brazil’s borders. It all started with a question, ‘What is CBD?’

Quite recently, Katiele Fischer and her husband were thrown into a whirlwind of heartache and passion when they gave birth to their daughter, Anny. Like most new parents, they were beside themselves with happiness and gratitude for the...

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