Limited medical marijuana study gets initial OK from Nebraska lawmakers

The less controversial of two medical marijuana bills being considered by Nebraska lawmakers this year received overwhelming support Monday during its first appearance before the full Legislature.

Sen. Sue Crawford says her bill (LB390), while more limited in scope than a measure sponsored by fellow Bellevue Sen. Tommy Garrett, would allow people with life-threatening epilepsy to receive treatment more quickly.

The soonest Garrett's bill (LB643) could go into effect, if passed by lawmakers, would be July 2016. Regulatory complications could push that as far back as next December.

Crawford's bill would take effect almost immediately, assuming it gains support from 33 senators, the number required to pass a bill with an emergency clause.

That's how many senators voted to advance the bill to a second round of debate Monday.

The measure would allow doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to treat patients with intractable epilepsy using cannabidiol, a...

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