Cannabis may be safer than alcohol, but that's not the point

A point of contention for many reformists is a comparison between cannabis and alcohol - an unnecessary comparison festering with hypocritical undertones and prejudice. It's contentious because arguing for cannabis' safety over alcohol is sanctimonious at best, and collapses under the weight of its own piety when debating outside of medicinal remit. 

The emergence of CISTA (the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol political party) has resurfaced an ugly truth: comparing the safety of cannabis with other substances will always lead back to the undeniable truth that abstinence from all recreational drugs is the safest and healthiest option - which really shouldn't be the point. 

Also, stating cannabis is safer than alcohol bares the implication that alcohol is a fair barometer for pharmacological safety. Obviously I don't meant to escape the fact that alcohol is the opium of the people and not some other intoxicant, like MDMA... or opium. Yes, it's more 'socially acceptable,' that's a given....

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