Touring Aphria’s Greenhouses In Ontario’s Banana Belt

Aphria’s current 22,000 sq ft of greenhouse space sits inside CF Greenhouse’s 450,000 sq ft. commercial greenhouse facility on the edges of Leamington, Ontario, surrounded by similar greenhouses in all directions. Located snugly in southern Ontario’s banana belt just south of Detroit and north of Lake Erie, Leamington boasts the highest concentration of greenhouses in North America, with them dotting the landscape in all directions, growing tomatoes, peppers, flowers and much more.

Cole Cacciavillani and his partner John Cervini have been growing food and flowers in this region for decades, and their approach to cannabis is a stark contrast to many indoor facilities one comes across under the MMPR. While their drying, processing and packaging rooms sit inside their 600 sq ft vault and feel more like the typical indoor LP, their 3 large greenhouses rooms full of cannabis very much feel like a typical agricultural operation.

Even with the temperatures still below zero outside when we...

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