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Marijuana testing labs ready to start work

LAS VEGAS -- Marijuana testing labs are waiting to begin testing medical marijuana as soon as businesses get clearance from the state to grow it.

The state will require businesses to chemically test their products before hitting store shelves.

DB Labs is the first lab to open in Southern Nevada. They are waiting on a decision from the state before they begin receiving medical marijuana to test.

"They want to find out what the pesticide list is, so that they can therefore plant appropriately and we'll have to wait for those plants to be grown," said Susan Bunce, CEO of DB Labs.

Labs are needed to test marijuana and edible products made with cannabis before being sold. Laboratory Director Savino Sguera says there are different tests for different products.

"All the products, each product has a different type of testing required on it," said Sguera.

A full round of tests...

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