Tupperpot: Feminism & Weed

Tupperpot is the amalgam of Tupperware and Pot (another name for overseas cannabis) itself from Tuppersex (meeting women around toys).
In San Francisco (California), a group of women embarked on organizing meetings around marijuana based on the model of the famous meetings around the famous plastic boxes of all colors and all shapes.

Finding themselves with several friends, talking quietly about weed with a clear head and displaying the latest cannabinoid market innovations, it is the principle of Tupperpot.

The idea came from women activists for the cause. Like many laws from lobbies in the United States, the purpose of such meetings is clearly to increase the weight of women in the balance decisions about the use of cannabis. They want to ensure that consumers and entrepreneurs are fairly represented.

At the start, Amanda Conley, a businesswoman speaking cannabis at meetings before a group of women of all ages. She presented the new products...

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