Scotland: New anti-drugs initiative may actually encourage use

AN academic who specialises in new psychoactive substances (NPS), also known as legal highs, has warned the Scottish Government and Police Scotland that their campaign may actually encourage drug use.

Campaigner and researcher Kieran Hamilton says that the evidence points to the new campaign neither stopping people who are already taking legal highs, or dissuading those who may be inclined to try. Hamilton also claimed that the initiative would have no positive impact but would “give the illusion that the police are doing something about the problem”.

The new campaign, launched on Wednesday by the Police and the Scottish Government, will be sent to every school in Scotland. The interactive online film allows teenagers to choose how the film progresses. Each choice is based around legal highs and alcohol, and each has a different conclusion.

He said: “The evidence shows that for people who already use drugs the message of...

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