Nothing illegal about search of marijuana grow op, judge rules

It had been a bad day for Tuan Anh Nguyen when, bruised and bleeding, he picked up his phone and dialed 911.

Little did he realize his day was about to get much worse.

Nguyen, 46, had a small marijuana grow operation in the basement of his McKay Avenue home. Police found it when they responded to his 911 call.

The man quickly went from being considered the victim of a violent crime, to being a criminal himself.

Nguyen’s lawyer, Paul Esco, tried to argue that police violated the man’s rights when they searched his home on Sept. 9, 2012. They didn’t have his permission or a warrant, Esco argued, so none of the evidence they collected against him should be admissible at trial.

Superior Court Justice Kirk Munroe didn’t buy the argument. He ruled against Nguyen Friday, saying the search...

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