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Marijuana K-Cups: Convenient coffee that picks you up and chills you out

Few things go together better than marijuana and coffee.

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in multiple areas of the United States, as well as the rise of medical marijuana, the "let's put weed in everything trend" has officially reached bacon-level status.

Walking into a pot shop in Washington state, where recreational marijuana is legal, you may see cookies, brownies, sodas, oils and other marijuana-infused or edible products. But just incase you wanted a little buzz with that high, you can also purchase cannabis-infused coffee, which are also available in pods, or K-Cups.

One company creating the coffee, called Fairwinds Manufacturing "works with small quality roasters in each region the product is available to support local small business," according to its website. They sell both bags of coffee, which contain six servings, as well as single-serving pods.

At $10 each, single-serving cups will brew 6 ounces of...

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