Invest In Cannabis Brings Technology To The Weed Industry

Eddie Miller, the 30-year-old founder of a budding pot empire, doesn’t come off as your typical weed advocate. And yet, his company eCann Inc., is an extensive technology platform for the weed industry that could add more steam to the end of prohibition movement sweeping the country.

“Right now the opportunity is the best because the market is being regulated in many states,” Miller told iDigitalTimes. “Every six months there’s a new revelation and a new revolution that's happening. Even here in New York state in about eight months cannabis will be regulated and there will be a very small amount of patients that will be eligible to purchase medicinal cannabis.”

There are currently four states including the District of Columbia that have legalized weed for recreational use, per Mother Jones. About a dozen more states are expected to allow legalized weed for recreational use...

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