Mock Ad For New DEA Chief Shows What It Takes To Be A 'Real' Drug Warrior

A leading drug policy reform group has created a satirical ad seeking a new Drug Enforcement Administration chief that skewers the DEA in the wake of scandals and the announcement that its current administrator plans to resign.

The ad, which was produced by Drug Policy Alliance and is slated to appear in Wednesday's edition of congressional newspaper Roll Call, lists the new DEA chief's primary responsibilities -- including mass incarceration, police state tactics, obstruction of science, subverting democracy and undermining human rights.

The mock advertisement is part of a campaign to influence President Barack Obama's selection for the next administrator, end the agency's opposition to changing national and state marijuana laws and ultimately reform the agency or abolish it altogether, the DPA said.

"The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is seeking a new chief to prolong the failed war on drugs," the ad begins. "The ideal candidate should have at least...

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