Legalized marijuana would not trump employers' drug policies

Ohio could legalize marijuana if a proposed amendment collects enough signatures and is approved by voters.

But those who are looking to light up as soon as the law goes into effect may want to hold off.

According to an analysis of ResponsibleOhio’s proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in Ohio, employers’ drug policies would still have control over whether or not employees could smoke marijuana.

So if your company has an anti-drug policy, a potential law legalizing marijuana would have little to no impact.

What 2 days worth of filled petition books look like. 250k+ signers and counting.

— Responsible Ohio (@ResponsibleOH) May 5, 2015


“We wanted to be sure we were being consistent with reality when we said we would not force employers to change their policies,” said Lydia Bolander, a spokeswoman for ResponsibleOhio.

The research looked at the language within the

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