What Ordinance 925 means for Greenhouse Marijuana Cultivation in Anza

Anza and Aguanga have multiple greenhouses. This aerial view photo depicts one in Aguanga.

At a recent Q&A session with members of Riverside County Sherriff’s Department on March 13, members of the Anza community expressed concern with the recent growth of greenhouses that are cultivating Marijuana in their neighborhoods.

These community members expressed concern about the smell when it is being harvested, the numbers of greenhouses being put on a parcel of land without legal dwellings and fear regarding the potential of more crime being generated as a result of the cultivation. Many expressed confusion regarding how someone can legally grow that many plants and not face legal penalties.

Let’s take a look at what the medical Marijuana laws look like. California voters in 1996 approved an initiative that gave certain patients and their primary caregivers no criminal liability in California to the possession and cultivation of Marijuana.

This initiative...

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