Travel Africa: Find dagga-friendly accommodation

With marijuana becoming increasingly accepted and legalised in certain international destinations, an Airbnb-type website has been created which helps you look for marijuana-friendly accommodation.

Bud and Breakfast gives users the ability to search for cannabis accommodation and "kush tourism" in countries like Jamaica, Canada, Holland, Uruguay and Spain, as well as the US states Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California and Hawaii.

"We want to provide an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards of quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also enjoy the benefits of this wonderful healing plant marijuana," the site's owners said.

"This beautiful state [Colorado] and recent legislation to legalize has inspired us to create this new business venture: the pleasure of 420 travel with the joy of the kush."

You can use various filters to search through accommodation, such as location, date of stay and guest numbers.

The website also includes the newest properties...

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