Here's Where The GOP's 2016 Presidential Contenders Stand On Marijuana Legalization

While the federal government maintains a blanket ban on marijuana, recreational marijuana is already legal in four states and the District of Columbia. In addition, 23 states, as well as D.C., have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

And with at least 10 more states expected to consider legalization in some form by 2016, the next president of the United States will almost certainly have to reckon with the disparity between state and federal law on marijuana.

Recreational marijuana -- which has been legalized in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and the District of Columbia, and will soon be legal in Oregon -- remains altogether illegal at a federal level under the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. The states that have legalized marijuana have only been able to do so because of federal guidance urging prosecutors to refrain from targeting state-legal marijuana operations. That guidance, however, could be reversed when a new...

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