DisposaBowls Crafting - Convenience for Consumers

Let’s face it: it is hard to be a cannabis consumer on the go. Federal prohibition makes it difficult to travel with your cannabis pipes; and even if it was legal on the federal level, would you trust your pipe with the TSA? Most people wouldn’t, and neither would Lauren Ely, CEO of disposaBowls.

DisposaBowls is a company based in Colorado that makes, you guessed it, disposable pipes for the cannabis consumer on the go. In its first iteration, the disposaBowl is a heavy cream colored pipe that bears a striking resemblance to a valve or gasket. On the front end of it is a child-safe cap that keeps your cannabis fresh and the tell tale smell out of your pockets, which is a huge plus for the discreet cannabis consumer.

The idea for disposaBowls, like many other great inventions, came from hazy memories of college past. “My friend used to...

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