Bid to legalize marijuana in Arizona has some advocates seeing red

Family propelled JP Holyoak into the weed business: his daughter, Reese, has a rare illness, and Holyoak believes in the power of medical marijuana.

He believes in it so much that his company, Arizona Natural Selections, operates two medical marijuana dispensaries that have served about 9,000 patients since opening last year. Holyoak, a financial adviser, has a big cannabis nursery in a warehouse on an industrial estate near Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. And he believes that recreational marijuana should be legalised – not through any enthusiasm for stoner culture, but because it is sound conservative policy.

Holyoak, a Republican, said he has “learned about the total futility of the war on drugs” and is convinced that the only two choices are “tax and regulate, or enrich criminals”. Because of this, he is backing a new ballot initiative asking Arizona voters to legalise recreational pot. He sees it as...

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