Beyond the grass ceiling – the changing relationship between women and weed

Marijuana has finally gone mainstream in the US. The drug, which is now legal in some form in nearly two-dozen states and the District of Columbia, after nearly a century of prohibition, has even had endorsements from CNN and FOX News – both have been touting its health benefits. And, “as legalisation has begun to pick up steam” as one report put it earlier this month, “women are finally coming out of the cannabis closet”, both as users and as ganjapreneurs.

Traditionally, the only place you would go for anything marijuana-related was to a “head shop”, which in all likelihood would be owned and run by men. In them, among the Bob Marley T-shirts, hemp necklaces and marijuana leaf baseball caps, the options for a woman who might be preppy or culturally conservative were slim to nil because marijuana culture has, until recently, been marketed primarily...

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