Minnesota's first marijuana crop is in bloom

In an Otsego greenhouse, Minnesota’s first medical cannabis crop is in bloom.

Young marijuana plants, fuzzy and pungent, stretched toward the skylights as Dr. Kyle Kingsley threaded between the plant beds, leading state media on a tour of the Minnesota Medical Solutions facility that will supply half of Minnesota’s legal medical marijuana.

“You’ll see this place is pretty Spartan,” Kingsley said, walking past bare white walls, concrete floors, and banks of monitors scanning the secure facility and its perimeter. There’s a faint skunky smell in the air that hits visitors as soon as they reach the first of the three locked doors that lead into the building. “We put our focus on science and medicine,” Kingsley continued, walking among rows of seedlings and plants. More than 4,000 plants and dozens of cannabis strains fill the greenhouses and spill out into the atriums.

The company, which found out in December it...

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