SCOTUS Round-up: White House Asked to Weigh in on Marijuana Case

Oklahoma and Nebraska want to rollback Colorado’s legalization of pot, calling it a “cross-border nuisance.”

Here’s a round-up of Monday’s Supreme Court developments.

Justices ask White House to comment on marijuana case: The Supreme Court asked the Obama administration to weigh in on a lawsuit brought by two states seeking to rollback marijuana legalization in Colorado, reports WSJ’s Jess Bravin:

Oklahoma and Nebraska asked the Supreme Court to invalidate laws implementing a 2012 voter initiative approved by their neighbor state, which legalized recreational use of marijuana.

The two states claim that Colorado has created a “cross-border nuisance” by increasing the supply of marijuana that could flow across borders, something exacerbated by the Obama administration’s policy to avoid interference with state experiments in marijuana legalization.

In December, Oklahoma and Nebraska filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to step in under its special power to resolve disputes between states

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