The struggle for Cannabis: Time to free hemp Denmark

Yesterday several thousand Danes marched  for the right to fire a fatty.

The bar around the hemp plants and fired so many joints that the photographer Ekstra Bladets felt unbalanced as he left the many demonstrators. Several thousand festive Danes going through the windy streets of Copenhagen in the battle for free hash of the Global Marijuana March.

- It is time that hemp is free, wrote Klaus Trier Tuxen in a press release prior to the demonstration.

He is president of the Hemp Party, which was co-organizer of the march.

'Cannabis is a nice recreational product if it is enjoyed by sensible people and foolish too for that matter. A great side benefit would be that all those who enjoy cannabis, should not feel persecuted any more, but feel accepted in line with people who take a glass of wine now and then, he continues'.

The route went from Christiania and...

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