People march to legalize marijuana, opponents unmoved

BOISE, Idaho -- Saturday afternoon, a large group of people marched through downtown Boise. They were spreading around a petition that would legalize marijuana. They say it would only help the state. State leaders say it would only hurt.

A group called 'New Approach Idaho,' along with other supporters, marched and rallied for the legalization of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp in Idaho.

Serra Frank is the President of New Approach Idaho. "There are children all over the state of Idaho who need this as medicine, or at least need the opportunity to try this as medicine, and they don't have time to wait."

A petition they're circulating would legalize medical marijuana, provide an industrial hemp program for Idaho's farmers, and decriminalize a certain amount of recreational marijuana.

Frank says, "That way, we can utilize our criminal justice resources for real crime that actually hurts people."

This is the third time...

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