Argentina: In favor of the legalization of marijuana, thousands of people marched to Congress

Marijuana consumers installed posts made with the substance in the Plaza de Mayo where they smoked in public and marched to the Congress in favor of self-cultivation products.

The demonstration, which involved thousands of people, is part of the global claims that are made in different countries and in all major cities of Argentina that held afternoon marches to ask lawmakers to address the issue.

In this context, the elected legislator of the Left Front, Patricio del Corro, called for "the repeal of the current drug law" considering that it seeks to "criminalize youth."

Del Corro proposed "a referendum" to "advance the accompanied legalization of the state monopoly on production, so they are not drug traffickers, or new entrepreneurs who are only interested in profits, but the state that regulates legalized production ".

Thus, he asked, "to use the proceeds from the sale to finance health policies and treatment of addictions, as...

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