5 year old with epilepsy becomes first patient to receive legal cannabis oil in Poland

Historic cannabis oil victory

Cannabis in Poland is illegal, with no medicinal cannabis program in place for patients who could potentially benefit from the multi-purpose plant.

Historic cannabis oil victory

Dorota Gudaniec


But things are changing in Poland. Activists and patients recently rejoiced when Maks, a 5 year old suffering from medication-resistant epilepsy, was allowed to be treated legally with cannabis oil under doctor supervision at the Child Health Center.

maksDorota Gudaniec, Maks’ mother, fought hard to be able to give her son the best treatment and only treatment that works: cannabis oil.


Seventeen other young patients who conventional medicine did not give any hope are now also treated with medicinal cannabis oil.

Continued struggle for medicinal cannabis access


And while Maks and seventeen other patients can now be treated legally with cannabis...

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