Was it because of the marijuana-Cloud?

BERLIN - They seemed euphoric, left at the same time, seemed to come to new insights. The Kreuzberg "MyFest" was on May 1 under a thick cloud of marijuana.

No corner, no road without the sweet grass smell, many of the 40,000 people seemed intoxicated. Is that the reason why the violence faded into the background?

Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU): "That was numerically the most peaceful May 1 there has been since the start of the riots in 1987."

45 arrests, 41 of the 6,554 police officers deployed injured slightly, but all remained on duty. Only a few stones and bottles thrown at officers during the "Revolutionary May 1st demonstration".

Henkel: "The spark is not jumping. The dominance of violence be broken. "

Was quite possibly due to the merry-stoned visitors from "MyFest". This seems now to have spread throughout Europe.

A huge open-air techno party, especially for the young tourists arriving. From...

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