Numerous Human Clinical Trials of Cannabis for Cancer in 2015

The knowledge that cannabis extracts can directly treat cancer has grown tremendously in the past couple years. An explosion of scientific research and anecdotal evidence has shown beyond doubt that cannabis extracts can, in many cases, kill cancer in humans. However, some patients and cancers are resistant to cannabis treatment, and we still don’t know what doses and cannabinoid ratios are best for which types of cancers.

There very well may be cases where cannabis does little besides mitigating the damage of chemotherapy (which in itself can help improve medical outcomes). This is part of the reason why formal clinical trials are necessary. Also, once cannabis is proven to have an anti-cancer effect in at least one cancer, it will open the floodgates for far more research into its uses for other cancers and all kinds of diseases.

Clinical Trials of Cannabis for Glioma in Spain

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