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Marijuana's magic bean men

The outlaw botanists who designed the marijuana Americans smoke and the money they didn't make doing it

Since almost everyone interviewed for this story is, or has been, a criminal, almost everyone long ago adopted pseudonyms. Some are no longer criminals, so don’t mind their real names being used. Some are no longer criminals, but still prefer to use their pseudonyms.

On June 6, 1991, an 18-year old kid was hanging out in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead Show in Noblesville, Indiana. Since school let out, the boy had been following the band around with his best friend in a GMC Jimmy. This was maybe their 15th show. It had been a great summer so far, but dry for highs. So, when some dude called Joebrand walked by and said he had good bud, the boy bought a whole ounce for $500.

It was the best damn weed...

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