Highest Terpene Concentrates at the 2015 US Cannabis Cup in Denver

Without belittling THC or CBD, many growers and extract artists alike have set their sights on terpenes. THC alone has little to no flavor, while CBD can taste like cherries on its own. The real flavor in a good concentrate comes from the terpenoid content.

Terpenes affect the consistency of an extract; shatters, waxes and saps all have different terpenoid content. The types of starting material (dried or fresh buds) can affect the terpenoid content as well. Superfluid extraction (SFE) using liquid carbon dioxide is an emerging technique that allows an extract artist to reintroduce native terpenoids from the bud back into the extract. This re-enrichment gives a higher than average terpenoid content than a typical butane extract.

Gorilla Jihad by Evolab: 10% terpenoids of total mass

This indica concentrate, with a lineage of Gorilla Glue #4 (Sour Dub x Chem Sis) x Lemon...

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