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High prescription? DRUGS IN MEDICINE

From so-called drugs, there is usually only negative to report. The thoroughly existing medical potential of psychoactive substances is therefore often not perceived or further explored. Apart from cannabis currently but also substances such as LSD and Ketamine again get  more attention in medical research. How narrow is the line between drug and drug? Which medical potentials are currently being explored? And what are the risks?

Cannabis on prescription?

In the US, some states have legalized the use of cannabis, but usually only for medical purposes. French legislation is restrictive, in Germany there are cannabis on prescription under strict conditions for a few patient groups. Exactly how cannabis affects? And what speaks for a liberalization of the law, what about it?

CANNABIS, LSD and KETAMINE - Healing with drugs?

Doctors and scientists see a large medical potential especially in cannabis . But other addictive substances with far greater effect are currently playing in...

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