Germany: For a legal grass smoking walk on the road

The umbrella organization of cannabis friends has trouble with the police in the southwest, this would be targeted pot smoking. On May 2 the "Global Marijuana March 2015"  in Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Tübingen will demonstrate for the legalization of pot.

Heidelberg / Berlin - The police in southern Germany from the perspective of the German Hemp Association were particularly hard against cannabis users before. "In Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, for example, stations are much more targeted with control people that look for potheads," said an association spokesman in Berlin the German Press Agency. "Many people here see this as very vexatious." The anger of the pothead is nationwide, it is largest in Bavaria, closely followed by Baden-Württemberg.

In the coming days people want to demonstrate for the legalization of cannabis in many cities worldwide. In the southwest there are five cities on "Global Marijuana March 2015" with: May 2, Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Tübingen and on May...

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