England & Wales: Breaking Down 2014 Drug Policing Data

Past-year data in England and Wales shows a drop off in drug policing. But, with figures still well above where they were a decade ago, and an abundance of evidence showing that policing possession has little impact on use rates, why is the government still funneling resources into this futile practice? 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released its annual Crime in England and Wales report last week detailing trends in recorded crime over the period January-December 2014. The statistics are based on police-recorded crime and the Crime Survey for England and Wales, a household survey that records people’s experiences of crime, going beyond police-recorded crime.

The report divides crimes into specific offence types, with drug offences falling within the "other crimes against society" category. (Interestingly, "other crimes against society" are defined as those that do not have a "specific identifiable victim," ironic considering the number of people found guilty...

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