Is the cannabis business right for you?

Could your next job be in the legal marijuana industry? It's already the fastest-growing business in the U.S. and is expected to generate $10.8 billion in sales in 2019, a huge increase from $2.7 billion seen in 2014, according to Arcview Market Research.

About two dozen states have legalized medical marijuana. Colorado, Alaska, Washington State and Washington, D.C., permit recreational use of cannabis. Support for decriminalization of pot also is surging. A recent survey by Pew found that 54 percent of Americans support the idea.

This growth has fueled a hiring boom. Colorado's industry alone has created 10,000 jobs, according to one report. Thousands more may come on line as the industry continues to evolve. However, recruiters caution that the industry isn't for everyone, and they've offered CBS MoneyWatch advice for job-seekers that might "harsh the mellow" of some.

Pay: Most marijuana companies are in startup mode and...

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