Medical marijuana bills get fresh look in Lansing

Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana in 2010 but legislators still struggle to agree on terms for licensing and regulating medical marijuana dispensaries.(Photo: Ed Andrieski, Associated Press)

Medical marijuana is back on agendas in Lansing.

The Michigan House Judiciary Committee is to begin new hearings today for two medical-marijuana bills. Both passed the House overwhelmingly last year, then hit roadblocks in the lame-duck session of the state Senate last fall, when statewide police groups lobbied hard against them.

The bills would allow two big additions to Michigan's medical-marijuana landscape:

■ Dispensaries, the shops that claim to sell tested medical marijuana in secure settings, so that users aren't forced to buy whatever the local street-corner dealer is selling.

■ Medibles, the slang word for marijuana that is edible or consumed in various ways other than smoking, an option that many users say is vital to their health because they can't or won't...

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