Broadcast Your Cannabis Joy with Anonymous Geolocations

Who is Happy wants users to (safely) tell the world how much they love pot, and thereby incite social change

With the app Who is Happy, a user who’s just elevated their day with cannabis can anonymously declare their joy by tapping a button and activating a green, one-kilometer-wide zone on a map, thereby sharing the approximate location of their happy place, so to speak.

App users can also see other “happy users” nearby, track their personal “happiness” habits, and see how the green joy stacks up in countries across the globe.


In addition to letting cannabis fans discreetly share their good feelings about the plant, the app was designed by its Brazilian startup to help change the conversation about marijuana—or, in many cases, simply start it—in their home country and around the world.

Founder and CEO Paulo Costa explained to PSFK that the only legal option...

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