Argentina: "We must not rule out the use of medical cannabis"

Visit Sedronar, or institutional nomenclature, Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Fight against Drug Trafficking, he has some dazzling nuances. Now it is not the police at the door, or that you need to pass by a metal detector. Instead, there is a friendly receptionist preparing an end between visitor and the office, voices are heard singing a carol accompanied by guitars. Talk to the incumbent, the father Juan Carlos Molina, actually confused. From a distance without glasses he could be mistaken for Rafael Bielsa, who led the secretariat little over a year ago.

Close no doubt that it is the "priest friend of the president", the nickname by which he is known inside and outside the secretariat and he is proud.

Without seizures, Molina consideres a time before Argentina, that the main change brought by his management was to open the doors of the Sedronar 24 hours and provided service...

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