Why marijuana is not a gateway drug

Since we were young, we've been hearing how marijuana was the "gateway drug" and once we smoked weed, we were doomed to slide down the slippery slope of much harder drugs. On some level it probably made sense, as marijuana was the first thing we experimented with growing up.

But the fact remains, it's far too much of a generalization to claim that just because someone smoked cannabis, that led them to try cocaine or meth or heroin. There are tons of social factors that go into someone's decisions surrounding drug use.

Fortunately, Newsweek ran an article recently discussing the "gateway drug" concept and the research around it. In it, did they not only cite a study that shows that the majority of marijuana users do not go on to use hard drugs, but they also discussed the common entry points/factors into hard drugs:

- Poverty and poor social...

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