The State of Washington’s Marijuana Education

Now that legalized recreational marijuana is spreading across the United States and medicinal marijuana is present in 23 states and Washington, D.C, youth marijuana education is a large concern. Now that the stigma for the drug is starting to subside, should youth education reflect this and lean toward informing with logic and not employing scare tactics?

Washington state’s marijuana legalization bill, Initiative 502, had a number of specific clauses written that were geared towards education, information and studies regarding marijuana use. Namely, 60 percent of new revenue would be dedicated to substance-abuse prevention, research, education and health care.

Many voters were in favor of the bill for these reasons, because regulating, taxing and giving attention to marijuana would be a way to control it and better govern its use.

However, Roger Roffman, an I-502 sponsor and University of Washington professor, has noted that as of yet no funds have been allocated to Washington’s...

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